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Andrew and Ann

Andrew and Ann

Cambridge English CLASS Limited is an education consultancy specialising in Culture, Language and Academic Skills from 'cradle to graduation and beyond'.

Our services include: School/University searches, UCAS applications, Help with IELTS and other examinations, Proofreading, Mentoring, Tutoring, Personal statements, Interview techniques, Individually tailored curriculum design, and CPD sessions.

With over 45 years of experience in teaching and lecturing, Managing Director, Ann Muston created Cambridge English CLASS (Culture, Language and Academic Skills Specialists) with the support of her husband Andrew in 2013, having identified areas where culture impacts on educational success and the need for someone to have an overview and understanding of the individual ‘from cradle to graduation and beyond’. She has built up a strong team of skills specialists to support all ages on their educational path, helping them to achieve their goals. 

Ann has many contacts whom she can utilise to meet your needs. Some are young people just entering the teaching profession and so closer in age to the younger students, while others are more experienced with many years of teaching behind them.

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