Academic Skills 

Examination Preparation

CLASS offers preparation/ tutoring sessions for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, ISEE and SSAT.

Cambridge English Language Assessment is part of Cambridge University and provides a well-renowned suite of language qualifications by examination. Experience has shown that those listed under 'Academic and Professional English' are the most useful for most people.

The main ones used are:

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Proofreading of essays, dissertations, applications, CVs and UCAS Personal Statements

CLASS provides proofreading services for essays, dissertations, applications, CVs and UCAS Personal Statements. 

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University essays and dissertations can be proofread by native English speakers with a view to both correcting errors and improving the overall work in both presentation and readability. It is important that the academic content remains the author's so as not to invalidate the assessment of the work by the University.

Simple translations of applications and CVs can often be too mechanical or literal and can benefit from the input by a native English speaker. This can not only use more applicable language but can structure it into one more applicable to the UK context while keeping it a correct presentation of you and your skills.

The UK University & Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) is the conduit for applying to higher (tertiary) education in the UK. Applications for undergraduate admission require a Personal Statement which is not a CV or a resume but is the applicant's opportunity to show why they want to study the course concerned. Applications for postgraduate admissions have other but similar requirements. CLASS has years of experience in assisting applicants prepare their Personal Statement, or other required application supporting documents, that reflects accurately and genuinely both the applicant and their desire to study the subject concerned while presenting it in an optimum manner. These are not 'off the shelf' standard products but the assistance is such that by working in conjunction with the applicant ensures that the writing of your statement or other application documents in a non-native language does not present a barrier to your application. Normally it is also a very good learning/teaching experience both linguistically and culturally.

Tailor-made courses

We offer tailor-made courses to assist those who need the language skills and knowledge required for academic courses in the UK or abroad.

In the UK this may involve preparing individuals for SATs or Common Entrance at the 11+ and 13+ age groups. Support and guidance can be given at IGCSE and GCSE level (16+ age group) where CLASS is experienced at using the syllabus content to improve knowledge of English language as well as subject specific topics.

We use Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to support those studying GCE A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate (18+ age group). This is particularly relevant for those who are used to rote learning. Our approach helps to prepare them to be independent learners and thinkers who can appreciate and understand concepts, procedures, skills and language enabling them to work confidently alone, in groups and in teams.

Our approach to learning is very much based on integration, linking and understanding. This enables learners to become familiar with, motivated by and engaged in the subject being studied. English is now considered as a core skill and is essential to any curriculum programme. For many people, a good level of competence in English is necessary before they can develop their careers.

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