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For International Students and Parents

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Whether selecting a school or university in the UK at which to study, it is important to match the student to the institution.

The CLASS approach is to understand the aspirations of the student and of the parents as well as to consider the student's strengths and weaknesses. This is always the first step otherwise a mismatch between student and institution might occur.

CLASS has close contacts with some schools and good contacts with a large number of others. Ann does not make any recommendation of a school to a student or parent unless she has personally visited the school. Such visits enable her to assess the 'feel' of the school, to understand its relevant specific facets and strengths and to review the pastoral side. League tables of exam results and website publicity are useful but the CLASS approach is to use them in conjunction with knowledge of the school and the student to provide a successful outcome.

When considering UK universities there are four prime aspects to consider:

1. University location

2. University type e.g.collegiate, 'green' campus or 'city' campus

3. Course nature and content

4. Accommodation and other features of the university and location.

CLASS has visited many of the universities in recent years both for these purposes and in support of former students. As with school selection, matching the student to the university is crucial. Oxbridge does not suit everyone, non-Russell group can be the best place for specific students and courses and so forth.

For UK Schools and Universities

When students from overseas come to study at school or university in the UK, they have not just academic needs and expectations, but there is also the need to cope in the different culture. Sometimes called 'Culture Shock', this can have a major impact on the student if not borne in mind by the institution.

CLASS has extensive experience in the issues that students from different countries find more or less difficult when studying in the UK. It is important that a school or university appreciates the support that international students can require in order to ensure the students can fulfill their ability at the institution and have an enjoyable experience.

There is no better marketing to potential students in the source country for the school or university than a personal recommendation from someone who has attended there. We can therefore advise schools and universities on the support that can be needed by the students and how best they can be implemented.

For International Schools, Colleges and Universities

CLASS works with schools, colleges and universities in countries who are seeking to send students to the UK and also those seeking to improve their own internal teaching standards.

The former helps such institutions understand the UK education system and requirements, so that students and parents can receive the best advice, guidance and preparation in their own country.

The details of Ann's knowledge and experience and the CLASS approach in this area are outlined in the sections above. Ann works with educationalists in different countries to assess where and how individual teachers, departments or whole institutions can improve in their delivery of English teaching and learning to their students.

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